All-In-One 22MP Film Scanner

All-In-One 22MP Film Scanner

Converts Film, Slides and Negatives, Vibrant 2.4” LCD Screen (FS50)

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Bring your film, slides and negatives into the digital age with the help of the Magnasonic Film Scanner. This digital slide converter delivers outstanding 22 megapixel quality and takes just seconds to scan and archive each memory you want to preserve. You can even fine-tune your photos right on the built-in, full color LCD screen without the need to learn and use complicated image editing software.

Wide Range of Film and Slide Compatibility

This versatile digital scanner turns your treasured photos into superior high resolution 22 megapixel jpegs. With just one button, you can quickly scan and convert 35mm negatives, 126KPK film, 135 film, 110 film, Super 8 film, slides and negatives into premium quality digital files.

LCD Screen for Instant Viewing

Instantly view your scanned photos directly on the Magnasonic Film Scanner with its built-in vibrant 2.4 inch LCD screen. Or if you’d prefer, use the included Video Out TV cable to view on a larger screen and reminisce in timeless memories with friends and family.

Excellent Memory and Storage Potential

Boasting 128MB of built-in memory, easily store up to 100 photos until you’re ready to share with friends and family. Use an optional SD card (up to 32GB) to collect even more photos directly onto the scanner until you’re ready to transfer elsewhere.

Fast Scanning Potential

Save time and effort with the included fast-loading film trays. Super quick 5 second scanning lets you get through that pile of film, negatives, and slides in no time at all.


There’s no need for a computer when you can edit brightness, rotation and more directly on the all-in-one film scanner. Choose one of the pre-installed film profiles for a more accurate color rendition and eliminate the need for expensive editing software.


All-In-One 22MP Film Scanner
Display 2.4” Color TFT LCD
Focus Range Fixed Focus
Exposure Control Automatic / Manual (-2.0 EV~ +2.0EV)
White Balance Automatic
Recording Resolution 14 Megapixels / 22 Megapixels (interpolation)
Scan Quality 3200 dpi & 4000 dpi (interpolation)
Picture Aspect Ratio 3:2
Scan Method Single Image Scanning
Film Type 35mm film (36x24 mm), 135 slide (2x2”), 110 film (13x17 mm), 110 slide (2x2” and 1x1”), 126 film (28x28 mm), Super 8 film (8x4 mm)
Picture Effects Black & White, Slides, Negatives
Light Source LED Back Light
File Format Picture : JPEG
Image Playback Single
Built-In Memory 128MB (100 MB usable)
External Memory Card Up to 32GB SD Card
Scan Speed 3-5 seconds
Language English/French/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/German/Italian/Japanese
Dimensions 4.0 x 3.4 x 3.4 inches / 101.6 x 86.4 x 86.4 mm (HxWxD)
Weight 0.66 lbs
Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.3A, Output: DC 5V 1A
Certifications FCC, RoHS, CE, UL/CUL
UPC 061783262061
What's Included
  • Film scanner
  • USB Cable
  • Video Out TV Cable
  • AC/DC Adapter
  • Negative Film Holder
  • Positive Film Holder
  • 110 Film Holder
  • Super 8 Film Holder
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User’s Manual
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Direct Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Lavoie July 27, 2020 Quebec, Canada

Good product for the price

Alan W February 13, 2020 Ontario, Canada

This is a helpful gadget for digitalising slides and negatives accumulated before the arrival of digital cameras. Occasional fluctuating colours can be a problem.

Louis K February 11, 2020 New Jersey, United States

I discovered a box of slides/film I had taken in the 1960s and wanted to transfer them to my computers and print. After seeing the cost and time involved by sending them to a processing center I decided to buy the FS50. The on-line order process was easy and the shipping was super fast! Set up was very easy ... Everything was included for several film formats and the operating instructions were basic and easily understood. An SD card is required to scan from slide to image. One is not provided so buyers should be prepared with one of their own. It is powered by the USB port and it's the early version so it's helpful that one was provided - I've long since moved to micro USB or USB-C! Operating was super easy and there are basic editing capabilities to help correct minor image issues. Be prepared to do serious editing post scanning! The slide feed tray makes feed slides into the scanner - I kept a blank slide handy to help push them in and thru so I could scan quickly. I've managed to do my first batch of 200+ slides and post them to a Facebook group in time for our NYC event!! Several hundred more to go - the FS50 has more than paid for itself in captured memories! Next I'll see how it handles negatives!!

Richard November 9, 2019 Indiana, United States

It would be nice to have an viewer that would eliminate a lot of extra steps in order to transfer pictures to the computer. I greatly appreciate Julie in your company that has stuck with me to assist an old man that does not understand a lot about this kind of thing. She took me through step by step and got me going. Thank you Julie

julie b September 30, 2019

Are used this product to look at old 8 mm movies. It was very hard to use the pictures were horrible would not recommend

Daniel G September 26, 2019

I have only ever used this with 35mm slides but it's really quite remarkable the quality of image this scanner can achieve from such a small source. One must bear in mind that the scanned image (prior to digital enhancement) is only as good as the original. Keep a can of air and a lens cleaning cloth handy. Cons: The screen would greatly benefit from being tilted back at an angle that would direct more toward the users eye. Also, the menu system is a bit clunky but manageable. However, these are both small matters and quite easily managed. Overall an excellent purchase and well worth every penny.

Phil G September 25, 2019

After my slide projector died and a flooded basement could have ruined my slide collection, I decided it was time to digitize the slides I wanted to keep. I looked at a few scanners and probably would have gone with a Kodak if I had more slides, but decided to save some money instead. The quality of the digitized photos doesn't really blow me away, but part of that might be the quality of the original slides (we were and are amateur photographers at best). I will be using photo editing software to improve photo quality.

Amazon Customer September 25, 2019

I have this plugged in via a Macbook Air. Although the directions are simple, I found bringing images to my laptop to be difficult and sometimes impossible. If this was a store I'd wrap it up and take it back. As it is, I'll just go to Walmart int he future and get my slides converted. A waste of money and I'm somewhat technically knowledgeable.

Raihan U September 25, 2019


Pamela J September 24, 2019

I couldn't wait to use my slide viewer. When I opened it up, there were so many parts to handle so many different films. All I was looking for was a viewer to look at hundreds of old 35 mil. slides. Not one of the slide holders fit exactly my size slide. I made it work but it is clumsy. As I was looking at slides, the machine all of a sudden shuts off. The machine is plugged into the wall so it shouldn't all of a sudden, in the middle of using it, shut off. Once I turn it on again, you have to go through the menu to get to the film size to view again. I was hoping it would have been easier to use since I paid over $80 for this little contraption. Not very happy with it.

Larry K September 21, 2019

I like the fact that the scanner is small and easy to use. I scanned some old slides from the mid 70s. Most of them generated some great digital photos, which I shared on FaceBook.

Ron A September 17, 2019

Compact and simple to use. Once you get a rhythm going you can process your pictures pretty quickly. Exposure adjustment works well. Quality of images is quite good. One caution: when using the cleaning brush, insert it brush side down. If you don't, it can get stuck inside the device.

Thurstan N September 17, 2019

At first I thought it wasn't scanning at its best until I realized the negatives I used were flawed, overall great product, used it recently for one of my projects and was quite amazed! Recommended!

Jess T September 16, 2019


Amelia September 13, 2019

Slide sort of underexposed

See all reviews 5