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All-In-One 24MP Film Scanner

Product Review (submitted on September 21, 2022):
After finding multiple boxes of 35mm slides that my father took while in Vietnam, I knew I had to find a way to scan them, since developing Kodachrome is a thing of the past. Knowing next to nothing about this sort of film, I did some research and a lot of product browsing, and settled on this scanner. I have to say it did everything I needed it to do. I was able to scan over 500 pictures and import them to my PC. The internal memory handled 50 pictures at a time, so I had to import them quite often to clear the space up, but that was no big deal to me. It actually takes longer to load the slide into the cartridge and then into the scanner than it does to scan the image. It's very fast. This unit may not be for someone needing a more professional setup, but for an amateur such as myself, it was perfect and very easy to use. I highly recommend it