All-In-One 14MP Film & Photo Scanner

All-In-One 14MP Film & Photo Scanner

Converts 4x6 Photos, 35mm/110/126 film & 135 slides (FS60)

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All-In-One 14MP Film & Photo Scanner
Display 2.4” Color LCD Display
Focus Range Fixed Focus
Exposure Control Automatic/Manual (-2.0EV ~ +2.0EV)
Recording Resolution 14 Megapixels
35mm film/135 slides: 4416x2944 pixels
110 film: 1984x1472 pixels
126 film: 3312x3312 pixels
4x6” photo: 3824x2512 pixels
3x5” photo: 3280x2208 pixels
Scan Quality 3200 dpi
Scan Method Single Pass
Film Type
  • 35mm
  • 110
  • 126 film
  • 4x4”/4x6”/4.2x3.2”/3.5x5”/3.4x2.1” photos
  • 135 slides
  • Light Source LED Back Light (film) & light bar (photo)
    File Format JPEG
    Image Playback Single
    TV Out Type No TV out function available
    Built-In Memory No built-in memory – requires an SD card (included)
    External Memory Card Up to 32GB SD card
    Scan Speed 3-5 seconds
    Language English
    Dimensions 7.1 x 8.2 x 6.4 inches / 180.3 x 208.3 x 162.6 mm (HxWxD)
    Weight 2.3lb
    Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.2A, Output: DC 5V 1A
    Certifications FCC, ICES, CE, ROHS
    UPC 871363005137
    What's Included
  • 14MP Film and Photo Scanner
  • 35mm Film Holder
  • 135 Slide Holder
  • 110 Film Holder
  • 126 Film Holder
  • Photo Holder
  • USB-to-Micro USB Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • SD Card
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating:

    Christy m July 28, 2020

    I have thousands of pictures to scan. This is a game-changer. I can scan 5 in the same time it takes to scan 1 with my printer/scanner. So worth the money. I may order a couple and have a scanning party.

    Linda P May 6, 2020

    I have many hundreds of slides passed down to me and was hoping this little machine would help make scanning a large quantity of slides easier. It really wasn't... It's not so much that the process to scan them was difficult, but more that it's tedious and the quality wasn't as good as I expected. I don't have a lot of experience with scanning slides, but having played around with this device for a few weekends has left me feeling that whatever the cost is for someone else to scan my slides will be worth it! I didn't scan any photographs, but if that's of interest to you, this will scan up to 4x6" photos. I feel as though a regular scanner would be a better investment if you're looking to scan a lot of photos and expect crisp resolution.

    Daniel April 23, 2020 Quebec, Canada

    Product working nicely. Was expecting a little more automatism though.

    Janet March 26, 2020

    Scanned a bunch of negatives and man is the quality extremely poor. The instructions are almost non existent, so doing trial runs and none of them tur out good. Very disappointed in this product.

    Rudy C March 7, 2020

    You get a lot for the money but it is tiresome manual process if you have a lot of photos and you need to back-curl photos to get them to lay flat and not distorted image. A curled image will also reflect the two rows of LEDs that light up the image. If the image is flat, that is not an issue. So I would have wished to have a way to make the image flat besides my back-curling them. But I am happy that all these photos are now on-line on my computer rather in envelopes in boxes in the garage.

    Richard M February 13, 2020

    Easy to use. Scans slide in seconds. Creates jpg image for fast transfer to computer via SD card or USB cable.

    The R January 17, 2020

    This small scanner has an internal camera that does give high-resolution scans: 5856x3904, anywhere from 2.5 MB to 6 MB in size. This allows for a high-quality print. It is a bit clunky to use, requiring multiple presses of buttons to adjust for color and brightness levels, which are limited in scope, but helpful when color correcting old slides. The slide holder, as well, did not grip the slide well so it moved freely when put into the scanner, requiring a reset often. The slides can be viewed on your TV screen after scanning them, but the RCA video cable provided doesn't offer a very sharp image. Also, an SD card must be purchased to increase the storage capacity to 32 GB. The bottom line is that this scanner will give you very nice scans, it just takes some time to adjust each one, as needed. For a small-scale operation, it works well if you're not in a hurry.

    Sk January 9, 2020

    I got this photo scanner to scan our old photo collection for my father. It is very simple to operate. Few buttons to scan the picture. It looks like an olden time scanner system for non-tech people. Which is just what I was looking for my father.In fact, this scanner works like a digital camera. Steps are very simple steps. Place on the picture and click the OK button.Picture quality is not that great as a regular scanner but it is very simple to operate anyone can do it without any help. That makes it perfect for my father who loves managing that old picture from the album.I have not tried anything with films since I don't have it. I do see the battery box but it does not come with it. One picture which I have tried took around 4 MB memory. It comes with a 4GB SD card which will be good enough to capture lots of pics.I did not like its size which is around 6" X 8" X 8" inches. Also can not scan picture larger than 4" X 6" inches.I do not recommend it if you are looking for a quality picture with this scanner. But if you are not a tech person and looking for a simple device to scan with the click of a button than definitely this is the scanner you want to try.

    Rae January 6, 2020

    As I've said many times, technology has certainly changed around me and has changed for the better. I have an old unit like this, from about ten years ago, and this unit just blows that one out of the water. The picture quality is wonderful and the ability to preserve photos we foolishly stuck into "sticky page" binders, so many years ago, is a gift we are treasuring. I highly recommend this item. It does exactly what it is designed to do, does it very well, saving memories and allowing us to share treasured moments and faces with those who are still here to see them. Good luck finding what will work for you. This is an amazing little machine and I just love it.

    Marilyn T January 5, 2020

    We returned this. We have many slides to scan. This machine made the process cumbersome. You can scan directly to a card but then you have to stop and restart to copy from card to the computer. The Slide display screen on the machine is small and makes it difficult to see any adjustments to the slide.

    JoeInTampa January 3, 2020

    I wanted to love this machine. I have lots of old 35 mm slides and 35 mm negative film I would like to convert to digital. The machine was easy to set up and to use, although each picture, slide or strip of negatives must be scanned separately. It is not a quick process. Negatives were quickly and quite accurately converted to the original colors from the negative. The 4 x 6 pictures scanned as expected, but the sharpness desired was just not there. I will not take the time to use this machine and end up with what I judge to be inferior images. If the user's goal is to convert old pictures, slides and negatives having memory or sentimental value to digital format, this will do the job. The photos with this review show the machine innards and a couple of images taken with an i-Phone showing the somewhat fuzzier images from the Magnasonic. Again, I wanted to love this machine, but I do not. The machine comes with trays for all of the small format cameras and 35 mm slides, so it is quite versatile.

    Cassandra S January 2, 2020

    I have a lot of family photos and unfortunately they are stored in my basement which frequently floods. There's a lot of potential for damage to happen to them so I have undertaken the task of digitizing a lot of photos in the hopes of keeping those memories safe in case the photos are ruined. I've done a lot of them in the flatbed scanner on my all-in-one printer/scanner but it takes a long time and it can't really do negatives. So this seemed like a great solution.It is easy to use and the data stores right on the SD card in .jpeg format. It takes a digital picture of whatever is within it's viewfinder. The viewscreen is small but does give you an idea of what's going to end up in the picture. It takes the image of your picture in about 3 seconds so it's very quick. However, it's DPI is no where near as good as my scanner and it seems to me that when I try to adjust the sizes it always cuts off part of the picture unless I use 4X6 and then crop from the computer later. That's fine I usually do minor adjustments and editing anyways but if someone doesn't know how or want to do that it may prove frustrating to them.The bottom tray does have an indented area to lay smaller pictures in as well as the large indent for 4X6 photos. I find it a bit tiresome to continually lit and replace photos and then put the top back into place. I wish it actually had some sort of slide out tray or something that didn't involve lifting the whole top off each time. However I also like the ability to do so because it means you can actually scan images from a photo album without actually removing the photo, for example. I do notice that it tends to pick up reflections of the lights inside the box on the edge of the photos.The ability to scan negatives is really great and one of the best features of this device. It is very easy to use and scan the negatives and it comes with different trays to accommodate different types of negatives. The trays are easy to use and insert but can slide a little easily so you need to be careful not to bump them. Of course, the quality of the photos in terms of DPI isn't fantastic just like the photo scans. It's not terrible but it's not as high of a DPI as I'd actually prefer.I think it ends up being a bit of a trade off for me. A little lower in quality for the sake of speed and convenience. It's much faster to scan through my photos using this and I can do it anywhere I want even while watching TV in the living room because it's portable (unlike my printer/scanner). I scanned through about 9 birthday parties in about 2 hours when it took me about 2-4 times as long to do so with my flatbed scanner which requires a lot of cropping and saving to pull out each individual picture when scanned in batches or a long time to scan a single picture at a time. However, the scans from the flatbed are so much better quality than what this scanner produces. Overall, I think the quality is fine for preserving most memories though so in most cases I probably will be fine with just using this scanner and using the flatbed only for images I want to have in higher detail. This saves me a lot of time which is more valuable and important than higher DPI. However you probably could look for a similar scanner with a higher DPI if that's an issue for you. This one supposedly scans at 14MP and when I compare it to the same picture scanned from my flatbed scanner at 1200DPI it looks a little lower quality than my flatbed scan but not bad for general viewing and printing. I can reprint a picture approximately the same as what I scanned if printed at the same size. My flatbed scan at 1200DPI can actually print about the same quality even if I enlarge it a little from a 3.5X5 to a 4X6.For the price, it's reasonably priced in the same range as other similar products with similar features and if you have a ton of old family photos to digitize it the cost could be well worth the price for the time it can save or in comparison to buying a scanner or all-in-one printer if you don't already own one. If you have negatives to scan this is a much better option as a traditional scanner cannot do negatives as they need to be backlit and scanners don't traditionally do that.

    Billy C September 27, 2019

    Great for viewing old negatives.

    anniem September 9, 2019

    I like this product, but it is a little awkward to use. Also would like more information on using the cleaning brush. I received a knife-shaped thing with what looks like a removable cover on the end, but was unable to remove what looked like a cover. It's use is not clear.

    Susan M September 7, 2019

    The item was perfect for what I needed.

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