All-In-One 23MP Film Scanner

All-In-One 23MP Film Scanner

Converts Negatives & Slides into Digital Photos, 2.4” LCD Screen (FS51)

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All-In-One 23MP Film Scanner
Display 2.4” Color LCD Display
Focus Range Fixed
Exposure Control Automatic & Manual Adjustment
White Balance Automatic
Recording Resolution 5856 x 3904 pixels/interpolation
Scan Quality 4200 dpi (interpolation)
Picture Aspect Ratio 135 film – 3:2, 135 slide – 3:2, 110 film – 4:3, 126 film – 1:1
Scan Method Single Pass
Film Type 135 film, 135 slide, 110 film, and 126 film
Picture Effects Black & White, Slides, Negatives
Light Source LED back light flat pad
File Format Jpeg
Image Playback Single
Built-In Memory 64 MB
External Memory Card Up to 32GB SD card
Scan Speed 3-5 seconds
Language English/French/Spanish/Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/German/Italian/Japanese
Dimensions 4.0 x 3.6 x 3.9 inches / 101.6 x 91.4 x 99.1 mm (HxWxD)
Weight 0.49 lbs
Power Supply AC/DC (USB), Input: 100~240V, 50/60 Hz 0.2A. Output: 5V, 1A
Manufacturer's SKU FS51
Certifications FCC/ICES, ETL/CETL
UPC 871363019172
What's Included
  • Film scanner
  • USB Cable
  • Video Out TV Cable
  • USB Wall Adapter
  • 135 Slide/Main Film Tray
  • 135 Film Adaptor
  • 110 Film Adaptor
  • 126 Film Adaptor
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User’s Manual
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Direct Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Peter D. August 16, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Tested scanning to the FS-51 internal memory and to an SD Card. After scanning 13 slides to the internal memory without an SD card inserted, an icon appeared on the screen indicating 0% memory. After downloading the images to my computer, I assumed the internal memory would be purged. WRONG. When I inserted an SD card, I was able to continue scanning. I then tried storing images AGAIN without using an SD card with no success - 0% icon again. The instruction manual does not include any advice on clearing the internal memory. That said, the product does not appear to include automatic purging (overwriting) of previously stored images even after downloading to a computer.

Ed M August 13, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Good unit for the price. For my slides found the best result to getting the most detail by using the darkest setting & then with the Photo software included with Windows 10 used the edit-lighten feature to bring the brightness back to normal. Also there was no significant loss of photo area that some others have mentioned. Very happy with this unit.

Barry B August 7, 2020 Hawaii, United States

1.The Slide Adapter does not automatically center the slide - yet centering (left/right) is critical. It's just difficult and could be desinged better.
2.No explanation for what "EV" means. I cannot figure out how to correct the yellow skies that appear on many scans. The instruction booklet just says "see page 9" which mentions the four brightness/color adjustments but give no assistance.
3.No clue in the booklet or website how to ask Magnasonic for customer assistance. I sure would appreciate it.

Sammy C August 4, 2020 Ontario, Canada

I receive my Magnasonic film scanner in a few days after I ordered. It bring all my memories from the old negatives and slides. The resolutions are excellent due to a 23mega pixels scanner. I am satisfied with the product

Amazon Customer July 30, 2020

This was a best buy for me. I've done over 3000 pics so far by using the negatives. Last night I tried it with slides and it was perfect. You just slide them through and each pic takes about 10 secs to process. You can also make color hue adjustments if you want. This takes more time so I quit using that and found a free editing program online that does a better job cleaning up the pics. This can also handle several different formats of negatives. Just remember that this will not scan actual photos that have been developed. Use the negatives or slides for quick easy transfer to your computer. Also, be sure to get a memory card for this machine because the built-in memory is very small. I use one with 2Gs and it holds about 600 pics.

wilson d July 14, 2020

Spend a little more and buy a Kodak or Cannon

Amazon Customer June 12, 2020

Every pic has a reddish tint in the corners.

Cheryl J May 15, 2020 Alberta, Canada

This film scanner is simple to operate and allows you to digitize your photo memories. Just what I was looking for!

Angela W May 8, 2020 Michigan, United States

This does not work. It's saved the photos to the computer, but I've tried two regular computers and a macbook and it's not installing any thing to save it onto the computer. Talk about frustrating! Even when I tried to save it onto a SD card to put into my computer it just showed 0%, even after 3 hours!

Do not waste your time.

Kenneth T. May 5, 2020 Maryland, United States

Quick way to view slides and save to SD card.
Easy setup and functionality.

MICHAEL May 1, 2020

My grandfather always took tons of pictures. Found a large box in our attic and thought what a waste not to be able to enjoy and share these with my family. Until I found this easy to use with a great low price item online.

Joseph S. April 29, 2020 Ontario, Canada

Worked well until the USB port broke off after a couple weeks of use.

Ruth D April 21, 2020

This has been great for our purposes. I have about 5000 family slides dating back to the 50s and I wanted to digitize them, or find a way that I could see them and distribute them. I am not really cleaning them up or making large prints, but figured if I find pictures that I needed better resolution with, I could use a friends high end scanner if it wa needed. I am scanning them slowly. Only spending about an hour here and there (the process goes pretty quick after I have sorted the slides. Insert, click, insert, click, insert, click) and then we get together on skype and look at all the pictures. Fantastic way to pass time in quarantine. The pictures are good resolution for looking at on the computer and if I wanted to clean them up I could (I do have adobe bridge and photoshop) but In our case it really doesnt matter because it is about memories not quality. I would recommend this if you want to digitize your photos but, have some time, and dont want to spend tons of money.I use a macbook pro and i had to get a 32G Memory Card (you NEED the 32 G memory card as there is not enough memory in the machine. Also do NOT get a 64G one, that will not work -- I wasted the money on that already and it only takes a 32G one). My Macbook does not have a slot for a memory card so I also needed a MEMORY CARD to USB-C converter so I can easily transfer the pictures from the memory card onto my computer.Definitely can recommend this if high quality pictures are not the priority.

THE_PC_CRUCHER April 18, 2020

for the price, youre better off getting a Canon flat bed scanner. There is a lot of noise in the images this scanner produces. i found myself sliding the "Noise Reduction" "Color" slide in Lr to 100 to get rid of it. other than that, i guess it was simple to use. But then again, so is a flat bed scanner.

Amazon Customer February 25, 2020

We found a shoebox of old negatives in the closet. I bought this because it was reasonably priced. I had no need for gallery-quality prints. I just wanted to view the images. It worked well for that.Many of the negatives were from old point and shoot cameras so I wasn't starting with high quality. I took a tip from one of the other scanner reviews and kept all of the default settings on the scanner and used photo editing software to improve the images that I was interested in.Your needs may be different from mine but I found this to be ideal for me.

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