Super 8/8mm Film Scanner

Super 8/8mm Film Scanner

Digitize and View 3”, 5” and 7” Super 8/8mm Movie Reels (FS81)

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Super 8/8mm Film Scanner
Display 2.31” Color LCD Display
Focus Range Fixed Focus
Exposure Control Automatic/Manual (-2.0 EV ~ + 2.0 EV)
Recording Resolution 3.5 Megapixels
Scan Quality 1080p (1440 x 1080)
Scan Method Video Recording
Film Type 3”, 5”, and 7” Super 8/8mm reels
Light Source LED Back Light
File Format MP4
Image Playback 20 frames per second
Built-In Memory None
External Memory Card SD memory card up to 32GB (Class 4 and above)
Scan Speed 2 frames per second
Language English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
Dimensions 12.6 (L) x 5.1 (W) x 7.5 (H) inches
Weight 4.4 lbs
Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.6A, Output: DC 12V/1.5A
Certifications FCC
UPC 061783270448
What's Included
  • FS81 Film Scanner
  • Film Reel
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adapter (5V/1A)
  • RCA Video Out TV Cable
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Customer Support
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Customer Reviews

Overall Rating:

Robert February 18, 2021 Quebec, Canada

I received the scanner rapidly, at no shipping cost. I had many reels of films dating from 1960, both 8mm and Super 8 mm. Very easy to operate. Much satisfied with the product.

Brian B February 15, 2021 British Columbia, Canada

I had over 3000 feet of 8mm film to convert to digital files using the film scanner. It takes about 30 minutes to scan a 50 foot length of film so it took quite awhile. Most of my film is on 7" reels so once the conversion started I was able to leave it and just check it periodically. The 7" reels take about 4.5 hours to scan. The film I had was 40 to 60 years old. It did an amazing job. I am completely satisfied. Very easy to use.

Roger B January 30, 2021 Alberta, Canada

Worked really well. A faster rewind speed would be better. overall really happy with the unit. Converted 41 movies from 3" to 7" without a hitch.

André D January 26, 2021 Quebec, Canada

I received the product very fast, at no shipping cost! The scanner is simple to operate. Not expensive if I take into account the number of old films to digitize. The final result is great!

Harry S January 20, 2021 Northwest Territories, Canada

very nice and seems easy to operate. Just ran thru my first 8mm from 1961!

Bry P January 17, 2021 Ontario, Canada

Works great except for the clunking sound as it scans each frame which is a bit annoying.

william December 30, 2020

I purchased this film scanner to transfer old family movies into digital format. I have reels of Super 8mm on both the 5" and 7" sizes. After a few stumbling points getting started, this machine has worked well, doing the job easily and giving me files that I can readily edit. The stumbling points for me were: 1) As noted (though I had missed this in the description), the machine does not come with the required SD card. 2) What is not noted in the printed manual that comes with the machine, but I found digging through the Magnasonic website, is that you cannot use an SD card larger than 32 gigabytes. When I tried using a 64 gig card, my files wouldn't save properly.Once I got the SD card situation sorted out, the machine worked really well. I would set it up with a reel to digitize, stay with it for a minute or two to make sure everything was running smoothly, and then walk away for several hours while it did its thing. Sometimes the machine would release the end of the film completely when the reel was up and then turn itself off. Other times the last part of the reel would remain in the image scanner section of the machine, and it would just keep running, leaving me with long sections of the digital version at the end that were just the same frame or a blank, but this can easily be trimmed off.Overall, this is, in my mind, worth the purchase for the memories I have been able to digitize and share with my family. Given how expensive it is to send film out to get digitized, this purchase has ended up making a lot of sense for me, even with the additional cost of the SD card and the external hard drive I purchased to manage the large files that were eating up all my storage space on my computer.

Nessa December 28, 2020

Bought this to digitize some old family movies and it really does the job! It's easy to set up and use. You can watch on the tiny screen, but better to digitize and watch on your computer or TV. Digitizing is pretty slow, but that's not a drawback. You can leave it going and go do something else. Just check on it every once in a while to make sure your film hasn't snapped. Overall I'm very pleased, and I think if you want to rescue family movies, it's well worth the cost. It's cheaper in the long run to do it yourself than to send your films to someone else. I have no complaints thus far, and I have digitized about a dozen films.

Cliff, D December 26, 2020 Oregon, United States

It does a great job of scanning my 8mm project. only problem I had was transferring to a windows computer-kept giving an error code. I installed Linux on the computer and it worked great.

Joanna K. December 26, 2020 Illinois, United States

I think it should be more clearly stated that an SD Card is essential. I also thought we could simply watch videos before saving them. With all the films we have, we're not sure if we want to save every film. The scanner was our way of viewing 60 year old movies.

Dennis H December 23, 2020

Very easy to use right out of the box nothing to put together and good reproduction of old 8mm movies .

Deborah December 22, 2020

After reading all the reviews that appeared pretty good i decided to buy this scanner. I have 4000 feet of super 8 film that I want to convert. first I'll give my impression of the features; its advertised to allow several adjustments for exposure,brightness & frame alignment which is true but you can't make these adjustments before you start scanning, you have to do a trial run, remove the sd card, play it back on pc or whatever and the make an adjustment, scan again and play back to see if your okay, so there's a number of steps involved there. The instructions are okay but could be more specific, took me several try's at pushing buttons before I figured out what they were saying, to make matters worse, the buttons had to be pushed several times in order to change to the next step, like something wasn't making contact in the button switch., you push the button and nothing happens. My first run with a 50 foot reel went okay but when I went to a 400 foot reel the problems started. first the take up reel would stop while the ratcheting mechanism that moves the film across the window kept going so I had film laying all over the floor after I left for a few minutes. Next the ratcheting mechanism stopped along with the take up reel; I shut the thing off, restarted, it ran a few minutes and same thing happened, this scenario repeated several times and I gave up. I'm sending it back , it takes about 4 hours to do a 7" reel and you really can't walk away from this thing, others have said the same. Also, my film is perfectly clean and the transfer slots are like new but when I inspected the film that had gone through the machine after problems started I can see scraping marks along the upper edges of the slots, upon inspecting I see a presser plate that presses down on the top of the film to keep it engaged with the ratcheting gear and the edges of that plate very rough in my opinion; not good to have a rough metal edge pushing on your film like that if you intend to keep the film. Maybe I got the exception, but my film is very important to me, I expect good results without damaging my film, I want something that's dependable and also I wasted a whole day trying to make this thing work. the bigger problem is these scanners all look identical if you examine them closely so its possible your getting the same one with a different name, no-matter who you buy from.

MJ December 21, 2020

The film scanner enabled me to digitize several years of 8mm and Super 8mm home movies. There was a learning curve involved, but I eventually figured it out. Most of our film is not in great shape, so I had to stay by the machine as it worked. It usually took more than 5 hours to process one 7-inch reel. Our film is joined together with tape, and usually stuck out wider than the film itself. When the scanner got to a piece of tape it would hang up and have to be advanced manually. If your film is in perfect shape and professionally spliced, then it may not need as much as attention. It has been a long, slow process, but I am happy with the results.

Brien M December 18, 2020 Ontario, Canada

This is a straightforward machine that does what it says it does in a very uncomplicated way. It has a very solid build and I have done over a dozen reels with no problems.

Stu December 16, 2020

Really simple to use, great quality, ideal output format and good value compared to some other machines I looked at. If you have quite a few 8mm and Super 8 films then this is definitely worth investing in.

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